Founded in 2009 as Fabulously Fetish in London, The Custom Boot and Shoe Company has an internationally celebrated history dedicated to bringing fantasies to life, wrapping them in luxury, and making them feel intoxicating in the most sensuously crafted fetish shoes in the world today. Bringing together a deep appreciation for iconic silhouettes, perfect constructions, and a rich and supple repertoire of shapes, colours, and textures, all with a stunning, yet subtle, attention to detail, refinement, and technique, we've nurtured a commitment with decades of passion to create high heels that can only be described as breathtaking and penetrating through to your very senses.

From the classical and iconic through to the most nuanced extremes of the unique, and truly exotic, our dedicated craftsmanship is renowned for its ability to please even the most demanding repertoire of tastes and do so with a commitment to quality that's unmistakable to the very fabric of our every pair of heels. Combining hints of vintage boudoir glamour with contemporary fashion sensibilities, and a penchant for perfectly form fitting boots, our silhouettes and perfectly refined constructions distil the richest and most enduring archetypes of fetishism into their most inescapable essences, building a collection that excites the mind as much as it inspires the deepest intimacies of our innermost desires.

Hand Crafted Desire:Inspired by the classic silhouttes of the world’s most iconic fetish footware, our bespoke heels sensually embrace the supple archway of the foot, accentuating the natural curvature of the leg in a way that captivates, and wraps itself all through your senses, tempting, teasing, and pleasuring them, with an intoxicating sip of passion, seduction, and desire, so finely articulated, that you might find it hard to look away.— (we try to make sure you can never look at another pair of heels the same way again)