Constantinos Kyriacou, also known as Cos K, was one of the original pioneers of the 6" stiletto heel, and after over 30 years of mastering the most detailed intricacies of its construction, curvature, and shape, has gained more knowledge and understanding of fetish shoes than anybody else in the industry today.

Having grown up in a shoemaking family, Cos K learnt his trade working in his father’s business, The City Cobbler in the heart of London, where he first developed his skills making bespoke men's & ladies' footwear in the mid-1980's. He later relocated to Shepherds Bush in West London, where he cultivated a successful relationship with the wardrobe department at the BBC and The Royal Shakespeare Company, making shoes for many well-known celebrities and actors, including his decade long relationship with Paisley Park as the shoemaker for Prince, the artist.

Hand Crafted Desire:Inspired by the classic silhouttes of the world’s most iconic fetish footware, our bespoke heels sensually embrace the supple archway of the foot, accentuating the natural curvature of the leg in a way that captivates, and wraps itself all through your senses, tempting, teasing, and pleasuring them, with an intoxicating sip of passion, seduction, and desire, so finely articulated, that you might find it hard to look away.— (we try to make sure you can never look at another pair of heels the same way again)